Lucia Uni

The dream of the Dream Detective, 2008

Installation view “Mystic Show”, Ex- Ghiacciaia, Milan (Private collection, Italy)


extracted from the video HD Vidéo, 6’  (full version on request)

This video was shot at the Church of San Francesco in Arezzo. It is re-interpretation of the famous fresco pictorial cycle, “ The Legend of the True Cross” by Piero della Francesca, proposing a new key to read as cinematographic fiction.
An organ transcription of the well-known song from Twin Peaks by David Lynch, performed ​​at the Bacci Chapel on the day of the shooting, characterizes the musical theme of this video. In so doing, I wanted to create a particular link between two complex narrative structures, both metaphysical and labyrinthine, consisted of time leaps and revelations.
I sought for a contradictory point of view between the movement of a camera and immobility of the linear perspective.
The most intense moment seems to be emphasized as shots pass by the scene of Constantine’s Dream, considered as the oldest representation of the night in the history of art, over a chorus of white voices which appears fading in and out.


HD Video, 6’ Still from Video, “Mystic Show”, Ex- Ghiacciaia, Milan
(Private collection, Italy)