Lucia Uni

Qui L’Aquila, 2010

The exhibition focuses on the current situation in the city of L’Aquila, hit by an earthquake in 2009. Supporting structures of the ruins are still conspicuous and controversial. I rebuilt those supporting structures in the gallery space, precisely recontructing the geometries of San Domenico, one of many churches in L’Aquila which seems to be emphasized as golden sections of the architecture of the church. Repair works in L’Aquila does not appear to be normal contruction sites, and yet it is rather as if outlining the design of an ieal city because of overwelming supporting structures. The prints are collages of photographs taken mainly from the archive of the State Fire fighters Corps and the body of an eagle, a symbol of the empire of Frederick ll who was probably to dream this city. L’Aquila has been destroyed three times in every three centuries since it was born, in which this history seems to bring the mixture of dust and ash with its myth, mystery, the dream of an empire, the constellation and the bird re-born from the ashes. With all these in the name, L’Aquila is, again, waiting to be recognized as the importance of a symbol.

S.Domenico, 2010  Wood, stell, lambda print on alluminium – environmental dimention, Milano, Pianissimo Gallery, installation view



S.Domenico (detail)S.Domenico (detail)

S.Domenico (detail) 2010, Wood, steels, lambda print on alluminium, 52 x 35 cm, 14 x 89 inch


Santa Maria, Installation view and detail, wood, steels, lambda print on alluminium, 53 x 35 cm, 21 x 17 inch. Pianissimo Gallery, Milan


Tent, digital print on PVC, 400 x 480 cm, 157,48 x 189 inch, wood, steels, environmental dimentions, installation, view Pianissimo Gallery, Milan (private collection)


Tent, installation view, PIanissimo Gallery, Milan (private collection)

Invictus, lambda print on alluminium, 54 x 39 cm, 21,26 x 15,35 inch