Lucia Uni

Father poem, 2005


Extracted from the video Father Poem, 2005, 4’40”, Music for bandoneon, (full version on request)
3/7+1AP (Private collection, Italy)


By intertwining the music and the image, the video sets out to create a highly poetic synchrony on the resemblance between the double-length bus and a musical instrument made with a bellows. Of particular importance in the video is the interplay of light and movement, a magical combination that results in something resembling a video sculpture.
The bus, shown along its daily route in the streets of Milan, becomes the vehicle, in the highest sense of the term, of the excruciatingly intense sound of the Bandoneon, the instrument typically used in the Argentine tango, though it originally came from Germany, where it served as an accordion to accompany open-air religious services.

Projet for Fuori Uso, Pescara


still from video