Lucia Uni

FIRM, 2006

Videoanimation with sound, 2’20” Voice: Carlo Bonomi / extracted from video (full version on request)
Music: Sam Paglia 5/5+1AP (Private collection, Italy)

The renowned character Mr. Line, created in the late 60’s by Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli, makes his appearance inside the signature of Prime Minister Berlusconi. The work echoes the style of those short films were the line, brought to life by the author’s hand, expresses the full range of human feelings.
The video has Mr. Line coming forth from the pompous letter B of Prime Minister Berlusconi’s signature, but the support that frames him is the famous ‘Contract with the Italian People’, the document signed by the Prime Minister on live TV in 2001, summarising in 5 points the reforms he pledged to undertake if he were elected.
Apart from its political significance, FIRM offers the point of view of the signature, looking out from what can be considered the Italian contract par excellence, and with a more specific allusion to the early days of Italian television and its
subsequent decadence.


FIRM (reloaded), 2008, Television set Algol (Brionvega) 0’85”
Installation view, “Mystic Show”, Ex-Ghiacciaia, Milan