Lucia Uni

L’ULTIMA PAROLA is a newspaper as an art work, born as a support for the communities that defend the centuries-old and monumental olive trees in the Apulia region, from the slaughter imposed according to a phytosanitary emergency plan. The newspaper collects numerous reflections on the anthropological, social and economic value of the olive tree, which has always been recognized as a strongly identifying element of the region. For local communities, the newspaper is a counter-information tool, necessary to counteract the silence and censorship surrounding the phenomenon of expropriation and land grabbing.The cover is the real core of the project, an image loaned to an undefined public, outside the context of contemporary art. If the artistic context has become part of the art language, we can say that the project is an experiment in researching places other than specific and sectorial ones. More significantly, an important life experience with strong contact and empathy with the earth.

Printed editions are limited