The main part of my work deals with images, digital collages and videos in which I try to develop a language rich in metaphors and to shape a personal repertoire of metaphysical views that empower to reveal and hide themselves. I am inspired by reality and dream, looking at both dimensions, as if I’m watching them, from a boundary of half-awake.

The installation is the method I need to establish a relation between my work and the nature of the place where I have an opportunity to exhibit; this often brings me to intensify both, the work and space.

In recent installations I have added new architectural and spatial elements. This came with after

the earthquake in 2009 that struck and destroyed my hometown, L’Aquila (Italy). This ancient city was initiated from the dream of an emperor and, following the myth of a phoenix, was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries.

Through my work I try to follow the steps of its great re-construction site and collect extracts from structures of safety supports of the buildings, and by using the collage, I rebuild ideally its wounded image.